Allegro Basics

This is an introduction into Allegro library under Windows platform.
I will cover here only installation and integration into wx-DevCpp.


Firstly, you need to install IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I am using wx-DevCpp.
Secondly, you need to download and integrate Allegro library and DirectX 9.0c into wx-DevCpp.
wx-DevCpp is using devpacks, so it is easy.
Download these devpacks here:
It's easy to install them. Launch them and just follow the steps.

Creating project

After installing launch wx-DevCpp and go to File->New->Project...
Then a window comes up, here choose MultiMedia and Allegro application (static).
Now you should have a simple source code on the screen. You can compile it by pressing
Ctrl+F9 and after it's done you can launch the program by pressing Ctrl+F10.

You can download my sample source code here:
Unzip it and launch the Allegro - it should open wx-DevCpp and source code.
You can compile it and launch it. The executable (.exe) is in MingW folder.
The program should draw a character '@' on the screen, and you can move with it
with arrow keys or with w, a, s, d.

Author: Matus Marhefka. Last modification: 11.12.2012